Shane Green-Third-Large Shane Green – Founder SGEi & Host of TV’s Resort Rescue

Shane Green founded SGEi in 2001. It is a cutting edge, global customer experience company that designs and facilitates cultural blueprints and learning experiences to allow brands to deliver on their promised customer experience.
In addition to being the Travel Channel host of Resort Rescue, Shane is known as a business magnate and entrepreneur who coaches c-level executives on their business cultures. Shane’s career has been distinguished by a series of consulting, speaking, and cultural engagements that serve to enrich his clients’ companies with a modern, specialized approach to today’s workforce, as well as today’s consumer.
Shane’s client list includes Wanda Hotels, W Hotels, the NBA, Christie’s, Starwood, Cisco Systems, NetJets, MGM, The Ritz-Carlton, Hayman Island, Savoy in the Seychelles, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and Hakassan. He has opened and transitioned more than 100 hotels globally, and has presented keynotes for many global brands and conferences such as SXSW

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